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Beekeeping Friends and Associates 

For the Kendal & South Westmorland Beekeepers, 2022 was a much improved year for the association with far more regular meetings, both Summer and Winter, a much increased membership and  a healthy turnover of committee members. Non-members are now welcome at our Winter meets and we do encourage even tentative beekeepers to get in touch so that we can help and advise wherever we can.  There have been an increased number of certificate and educational sessions last year and we encourage folk to contact us for these sessions as they do promote a better informed beekeepering community as well as healthier and happier bees. 


Asian Hornet Action Team

Kendal weather

BKAA Spr Cov 23.jpg

 Spring Convention  

  21-23 April 2023 at Harper Adams University, Shropshire, TF10 8NB





January    10th 2022 Tuesday    7:30pm AGM & Talk - Asian Hornet
Postponed Due Weather          Cumbria Wildlife Trust - Plumgarths
February   14th 2022 Tuesday    7:30pm AGM & Talk - Queen Rearing 
                                                        Cumbria Wildlife Trust - Plumgarths     
March        14th 2022 Tuesday    7:30pm Talk - Swarm Collecting 
                                                        Cumbria Wildlife Trust - Plumgarths

Preveiling Wind 


Newsletter of the Kendal and South Westmorland Beekeepers (back copies)

The Latest Preveiling Wind With Full Details is avialable on

the MEMBERS Section

Try this

Handy Checklist

and let us know

if it helps !

This check list is for any of you who have ever gone all the way to your apiary and then wished you'd scanned through one of these before you'd left the place where you keep your bee stuff.

Just download it, print and fold it to form a vertical strip. Then laminate it for use with a washable pen or chinagraph pencil.

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