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Cumbria Asian Hornet Team

This is the webpage for the Cumbria Asian Hornet Team

Volunteer BBKA registered coordinators or verifiers 

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Cumbria Asian Hornet Team - Webpage

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Area of Operation

Educational Material


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This webpage was created and is updated for the benefit of all the volunteers of the Cumbria Asian Hornet Team (CAHT). The data and material contained here is updated as much as possible and is subject to copyright if used by non-Cumbria Asian Hornet team volunteers. Permission may be sought from the County Coordinators.


Please conduct all educational talks, observational baiting or trapping in coordination with the Cumbria County coordinators so that records can be kept as to the CAHT actions. The County coordinators are Andrew Brown (Kendal & South Westmorland BKA) and Piers Hanson (Cumbria BKA) details of found here. Please make sure both coordinators are mutually informed as this will assist in timely action and sound record keeping.

If any volunteer has any suggestion in respect of changes and additions to this webpage then feel free to contact Andrew Brown and amendments can be made promptly.

Constitution of the Cumbria Asian Hornet Team

The purpose of the Cumbria Asin Hornet Team (CAHT) is to monitor, inform and reduce the impacts of the invasive species Vespa velutina, commonly know as the Asian or Yellow Legged Hornet. CAHT will operate in accordance with instruction and guidance from the British Beekeepers Association, the DEFRA AHPA National Bee Unit and the Non Native Species Secretariat.  


All volunteers are to operate under the conditions of the BBKA coordinators and verifiers codes of conduct and to keep themselves abreast of changes and updates to the roles via the BBKA website link here. The CAHT members will always act in coordination with the Cumbria volunteer coordinators and make sure their actions are recorded with them.

Volunteers will always seek a landowner or manager's permission to operate on their land and respect their and other volunteer's privacy and use of personal information, in accordance with the law. Volunteers will assess all actions and conduct in respect of their and others safety and consider the appropriate risk assessment actions.

Area of Operation & Contact Details

The original map on the BBKKA website has been amended to just show the regional coordinators. This map is linked, so just click on it to link direct to the BBKA interactive map.

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Map of Sightings & Bait Stations

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Map of AHT Talks & Meets

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Contact Details for

Cumbria Asian Hornet Team

email : 

Phone: 07551 445658

Education Material

Presentations Available (click to download):

>> updated versions coming soon <<

AH Introduction: Julia Hoggard - K&SWBKA 

AHT October 2023 Forum: Julia Hoggard - K&SWBKA

Newsletters of Cumbria AHT

Events and Newsletters (click to download):

Newsletter February 2024

Newsletter January 2024

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CAHT Resources

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